999 – Asset Tokenization

Welcome to 999.com.au – Where Collaboration and Investment Meet Australian Land!

At 999.com.au, we believe in the power of unity and the potential of collective investment. Our mission is to bring together a community of forward-thinking individuals, each passionate about contributing to Australia’s growth and prosperity through intelligent land investment.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet transformative: to create a platform that unites 999 individuals, each above 18 years old, to invest in carefully selected plots of Australian land. By leveraging the strength of our numbers, we can collectively own and tokenize plots of approximately 1000 square meters, ushering in a new era of accessible and diversified real estate investment.


Tokenizing the Future

 Through cutting-edge technology and the revolutionary concept of tokenization, we enable you to own a piece of the land in the form of tokens. These tokens, each representing approximately 1 square meter of land, provide you with ownership rights and a stake in the land’s appreciation potential. Our very own cryptocurrency, “AussieCoin,” acts as the key to unlock the benefits of your land ownership, allowing you to buy, sell, or even trade for more square meters as the value grows.


Why Choose 999.com.au



    • Community Power: By pooling resources, we empower individual investors to collectively own and prosper from prime Australian land.

    • Diversification: Real estate investment is traditionally capital-intensive. With 999.com.au, you can diversify your investment portfolio without the high entry barriers.

    • Accessibility: We believe in democratizing investment. Our platform welcomes investors of all backgrounds and experiences.

    • Transparency: Our commitment to transparency ensures you’re always aware of the status and value of your investment.

    • Future-Proof: Embracing blockchain technology and tokenization ensures the security, traceability, and flexibility of your investment

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a thriving community of 999 like-minded individuals who understand the potential of Australian land investment. By fostering collaboration and promoting shared success, we aim to redefine real estate investment norms and provide everyone with an opportunity to be a part of Australia’s growth story.


Join the Movement

Are you ready to be a part of something groundbreaking? Join us at 999.com.au and become one of the 999 pioneers shaping the future of real estate investment. Together, we’ll transform the way we invest in land, harnessing the power of numbers to create value and prosperity for all.

Explore our platform, learn about the process, and embark on a journey of collective success with 999.com.au.

For inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to learn more, feel free to reach out to us at info@999.com.au.


Invest in Australia’s land, invest in your future, invest with unity – 999.com.au.