999 – Asset Tokenization

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, several companies were actively involved in leading the real estate tokenization space. Please note that the landscape may have evolved since then, and it’s essential to research the latest developments and rankings in the field. Here are profiles of some prominent companies that were pioneering real estate tokenization at that time:

  1. Propy:
    • Propy is a blockchain-based real estate platform that facilitates the purchase of properties using smart contracts and digital tokens. It offers a marketplace for international real estate transactions and has gained recognition for its efforts in streamlining cross-border real estate deals.
  2. RealT:
    • RealT focuses on tokenizing residential properties, particularly in the United States. They divide real estate assets into tokenized shares, allowing investors to purchase fractional ownership. Each token represents a share of a specific property, and investors receive rental income proportionate to their holdings.
  3. Polymath:
    • Polymath is a security token platform that enables the creation and management of security tokens, including those representing real estate assets. The platform provides compliance solutions to ensure tokenized assets adhere to relevant securities regulations.
  4. Harbor:
    • Harbor offers a blockchain-based platform for tokenizing real-world assets, including real estate. They focus on regulatory compliance and security, helping issuers tokenize their assets while ensuring compliance with securities laws.
  5. TokenSoft:
    • TokenSoft specializes in security token issuance and management. They assist businesses, including real estate companies, in launching and managing security token offerings (STOs) while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
  6. Securitize:
    • Securitize is a platform for tokenizing assets, including real estate. They offer a compliance solution for creating and managing security tokens. The company has worked with real estate firms to tokenize assets and streamline investor onboarding.
  7. Meridio:
    • Meridio is known for its focus on tokenizing real estate assets on the Ethereum blockchain. They aim to make real estate investments accessible to a broader audience by allowing fractional ownership through tokens.
  8. QuantmRE:
    • QuantmRE focuses on home equity agreements, allowing homeowners to access their home’s equity without taking on debt. Their model involves tokenizing home equity agreements, which can be attractive to homeowners and investors.
  9. Slice:
    • Slice specializes in tokenizing real estate assets, with a particular focus on residential properties. They offer investors the opportunity to purchase fractions of single-family homes and earn rental income.
  10. RealBlocks:
    • RealBlocks is a blockchain-powered platform that enables the fractional ownership and trading of real estate assets. They provide a marketplace for real estate tokens, making it easier for investors to buy and sell tokens representing real properties.

These companies were at the forefront of real estate tokenization as of 2021. Keep in mind that the landscape is dynamic, and new players may have emerged or existing companies may have expanded their offerings. Conduct thorough research and due diligence to identify the most relevant companies and platforms for your real estate tokenization needs in the current market.